Real Estates in Bursa – Rz 34 Investing in Bursa

110,000 $

خصائص المشروع

The purchase of real estate or investment in Bursa is one of the most sought after investments by the Arab businessmen and investors, Bursa … The city known for its nature and history, which has traces to the first civilization , lived under The Ottoman rule for 600 years.

When the beautiful view meets with the green hills and flowing water, with multiple options for unique apartments, results this residential project which offers you the perfect choice of life in the city of history.

The properties of this project have been built on a total area of 55.000 square meters in Osmangazi in Bursa. The project consists of 14 blocks and 356 apartments. Each floor has 4 apartments. In the area of the buildings there will be landscapes and charming green spaces.

The project is built in the area of Osmangazi, which is one of the most beautiful areas of Bursa City, and it is away from the center of the city by 12 minutes, 8 km.

  • The project is away from Yalova city by 60 kilometers.
  • It is 4 minutes away from the highway that connects Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir.
  • The project is 60 kilometers away from Bursa’s Airport.

 Payment Options

There is a discount on the cash payment and also there is installment system starting from 30% down payment over 12 months installments

If you ever choose to buy real estate in Bursa, this project is ready for housing…. Do not miss the opportunity

Price Area Type
110.000$ 140  m2 2.5 + 1
132.000$-145.000$ 160  m2 3.5 + 1
154.000$ 240  m2 4.5 + 1
176.000$ – 185.000$ 280  m2 5.5 + 1